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IT Schema has three main business classes:

1) ITSC - IT Schema Consulting practices. Most of our visible services and the current site are under this class. Further details are on the right.

2) RRCS - IT Schema's brand new and exciting IT offering in the Cloud/WEB that we're working on. Our current target is to offer you this Technology As A Service TAAS, by March 2009.

3) Project Cirrus - our Cloud Infrastructure Services - a venture that is also WIP and due for beta testing in August. 2009.



  • Infrastructure & Operations Architecture
  • Applications and Web Architecture
  • Messaging Strategy & Architecture
  • Cloud Computing & Saas
  • Virtualization Architecture
  • IPV6
  • Storage Architecture
  • Data center
  • IT Security


  • TSM, ITIL, Cobit, Process Management
    • Service Management
      • Incident Mng
      • Problem Mng
      • Change Mng
      • Release Mng
      • Configuration Mng
    • Service Delivery
      • Availability Mng
      • Capacity Mng
      • Financial Mng for IT
      • IT Continuity Mng
        • BCP & DR


  • IT Strategy and Planning
  • Mergers and Acquisitions / Integration
  • Business & Project management / Alignment
  • SOX and Governance
  • Information Security Strategy
  • Privacy
  • Retention
  • Management Consulting



  • Organization Architecture
  • Contract Management Staffing
  • Contract Technical Staffing
  • Contract Project-Management Staffing
  • IT leader development
  • IT Advisory board

Click on each category above for details:


1) ITSC - IT Schema Consulting practices

We classify our practices on five primary driving categories:

Practices in these fundamentals are what ultimately form the blueprint for your IT. Your IT Schema. Our practices within each of our five primary categories are tablulated here.




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